Format: DCP Un-Encrypted Flat 2K/Pro Res
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Colour/Black and White
5:1 Surround Sound/Stereo Sound
R/T 19 mins

Premiere outdoor screening on the walls
of Kilkee beach at low tide, as part
of the Che do Bheatha Festival 2015.
Electricity, blood and water tell the story of an ancient dream. The film is based on a fragment of Celtic mythology, a fragment or trace of a cultural mind-set now gone. Its images are projected like flickering starlight, scratchy and aged (an emissary from another era), drawing us along the path of an archetypal dream-vision. We move on a fractal journey from the stratosphere to the physical realm and into the internal space of the mind.
Accompanying essay
Installation Body n Soul 2016
Article published S A H journal 2016
Play Ossian