To Play Twilight Page

Format: 35mm/Beta SP PAL
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Optical Sound/Stereo Sound
R/T 7 mins
Cork, Dublin, Galway, Derry, Wales,
Manchester. Broadcast on RTE Ireland
and SBS TV Sydney Australia

Twilight is a kind of flotsam and jetsam fairy dance. Discarded objects of various sorts are washed up onto the beach and pitted against each other in an uneasy tension. Dancing decends into destruction and chaos, and all is finally consumed by the incoming tide. A strange riddle or imagining of what might go on at night on the beach when we are not looking.

Twilight was filmed on 16mm filmstock using a stop-frame camera under very low light conditions. Tracks were built to enable the camera to move around and give a handheld look to the filming. The sound effects were carefully foleyed into place using the actual objects themselves, so that the soundtrack lends credibilty to a very surreal scenario.